Find Your Tax Mess

  • I got a nasty tax letter from the IRS.
  • The IRS plans to place a lien or levy on my property.
  • The IRS is garnishing my wages.
  • I haven’t filed my federal or state taxes for years.
  • I got a threatening tax letter from the state.
  • My driver’s license has been suspended due to unpaid taxes.
  • My hunting and/or fishing license has been revoked due to unpaid taxes.
  • My ex-spouse did not pay a tax bill.  Now the IRS or state is coming after me for payment.
  • I owe several quarters of unpaid sales taxes.
  • I owe several quarters of unpaid payroll taxes.

Fix My Tax Mess, Inc. has successfully resolved all of these types of dilemmas.  Your circumstances are more common than you think.  While each of these dilemmas is different and requires a unique strategy, they each have one thing in common: they should be addressed immediately.  Interest and penalties are accumulating right now!  Contact our offices now!